Deputies Hunt for Serial Burglars

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Lafollette, Campbell County (WVLT) - More than 80 homes in Campbell County have been burglarized in less than two months, and authorities need your help finding the two people they believe are responsible for them.

The break-ins are happening mainly in the city of Lafollette, however some have spread out into the county.

Officers say the suspects typically break-in by busting down the front door, then stealing merchandise ranging in value of less than $500, to over $10,000.

"They just got on a spree and felt like they couldn't be caught but very fortunately we had our detectives in Lafollette working together just like a gear and when it works like that the ones that gains are the victims," says Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

"My guns, the watches, the money and all that most of it is gone, but some of the pieces are there that belongs to me"

Deputies believe 26-year-old Amanda L. Shears and 26-year-old Kenneth Joey Henderson are responsible for the break-ins. Police say they may still be in the Lafollette area, but could also be in Kentucky.

If you have information call (423)-562-7446 or 562-8331.