Arrests made in Campbell County Serial Burglaries

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Eighty burglaries in one month, tens of thousands of dollars of property stolen and now just days after we first reported the crimes, four arrests and enough property to fill a u-haul now recovered.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Department is still recovering property, they'll show most of it off Friday, but they gave us a first look today.

Deputies seized eighty guns, various amounts of marijuana and cocaine, and other items ranging from bedroom furniture and jewelry to fishing pole and chainsaws.

If you think any of this might be yours, the sheriff's department says, sit tight.

They still need to take inventory of the stolen goods before they contact victims.

Sheriff Gary Perkins says between August 1st and 31st, Campbell County residents reported 80 home burglaries and thefts.

And through cooperative efforts between the sheriff's department, Lafollette Police Department and the drug task force, they put enough pressure on the suspects, forcing them to turn themselves in.

"They were in hiding and decided to turn themselves in because they knew we were looking for them so heavily," says Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

In custody tonight: 26-year-old Amanda Shears and 26-year-old Kenneth Henderson.

They both face "aggravated burglary" and theft charges depending on the total amount of stolen items.

Also arrested: 54-year-old, Edgar Muse and 43-year-old, William Cox.

They face drug charges and possible theft charges.

Sheriff Perkins says as the investigation continues, others may be charged.