Hotels Join The War Against Meth

Caryville, Campbell County (WVLT) - Most meth labs are found in homes, on property, or in cars, but sometimes they pop up in unexpected places.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud shows you why some hotel workers are joining the fight to keep meth users from hurting you.

Crime tape wrapped around hotels with remnants of meth labs cooking inside are becoming more and more common.

"Meth abusers have gotten smarter. They know if we come in their home and find a running lab we can seize property. So they come to a hotel," says Stephanie Smith, from the Caryville Police Department.

The Hampton Inn here in Caryville has been lucky,they haven't had any labs, but have started an employee training program to make sure it stays that way.

"The better educated they are, the more information they have out there for them, they know what to look for," says Sherry Muse, General Manger for the Hampton Inn Caryville.

Site Safety Officer Stephanie Smith offers her time and experience to emphasize the dangers labs bring with them.

"If it's in one of these rooms, get out, get out," says Smith.

Employees learn about what components make up meth, its odor, and symptoms users may have, so they can know what to look for while cleaning and possibly stop users before ever having access to a room.

"We learned a lot of new things we would have never known without our class," says Executive Housekeeper Donna Seiber.

They are doing more than offering training classes to keep users from coming in their front doors. About a year and 1/2 ago, when Meth really becomes a problem here in this community, the stopped renting rooms to locals.

"It's a sad situation because the local people around here at the ones we love most but some of the locals want to come out and either do drugs or party," Muse says.

Without rules and this kind of connection, officer smith says the fight would continue to only be an uphill battle.

"The employees, businesses, the community, everyone else is the first responder," Smith says.

If you are interested in Officer Smith coming to your business or organization to speak about meth you can call the Caryville Police Department at (423)-562-9478.