Lower Gas Prices Mean Lower Delivery Charges?

If the construction makes you grumpy, here's something to cheer you up. Gas prices are at an all time low for the year, but when prices went up, many businesses began adding a delivery charge. Now that the prices at the pump are falling, can we drop the extra charges?

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel takes a look.

For the first time in more than a year, gas prices are hitting the two-dollar mark, and drivers aren't the only ones smiling.

"It's less of my own money that I have to pay for gas," Papa John's Driver Jared Cooper said.

When prices went up a year ago after Katrina, many business that offer delivery services added a delivery charge.

"Before that, it was free delivery and then it was taken out of the price of the pizza," Cooper said.

At Papa John's for example, it's a $1.25. At Hibachi Factory, it's one dollar.

And it's similar at most food delivery shops, but with gas prices coming down, the question is will we see the delivery charge disappear?

"I don't see it going that low anytime, it might be here for awhile," Cooper said.

Unless gas drops dramatically, probably not. In fact, the delivery cost may mean some patrons are willing to come pick up their own orders.

"Local delivery is $75, and it depends on the zip code," Braden's Lifestyles manager Nick Braden said.

But at businesses where the load is much more, like Braden's Lifestyles, gas prices don't affect the delivery charge as much.

"We have not increased our delivery charges based on the new fuel increases, we've just absorbed that cost, and we're glad to see that the prices are coming back down," Braden said.

When you're moving furniture, there's more to pay for. Gas prices factor into it, but not as much as, say, pizza delivery.

"What that's paying for is salaries of our delivery guys, insurance on the truck, maintenance on the truck and major things were talking about is gas prices," Braden said.

Gas prices affect more than just delivery services. High gas prices caused many taxi companies to do away with their flat rate from the airport. Now, instead of costing you $20, it will cost you anywhere from $25 to $31 to get downtown from McGhee-Tyson.