Remebering A Deputy and His Friend

An East Tennessee community is remembering a deputy and his friend who were shot and killed last spring.

Prosecutors say Roane County Sheriff's deputy Bill Jones and his ride along friend Mike Brown were gunned down by the Houston brothers in the line of duty, today friends and family rode in their honor.

"He would've died for Bill and Bill would've died for Mike, but they died together," said Pat.

Deputy Bill Jones and his ride-along partner Mike Brown were gunned down in the line of duty last May.

"I don't know what happened. I guess I never will."

Almost five months later, Jones' mother, Christine says the pain of her son's death is still constant.

"It's been bad. I lost a good friend, lost my oldest son. It's a great loss that cannot be replaced."

Christine says her son would enjoy today's memorial ride.

"He'd look down and say what hubaloo for nothing."

"It kind of stirs the memories."

Pat Brown recalls her 44-year old son's death...

"It's the lowest moment you can have in your life."

Pat says life without her son Mike is empty.

"You just want to reach out and hold him and you can't. So it's hard every day. Something you never get over."

Roane County brothers in blue are coping with the two fallen heroes on the road today...

"It's just sad that we lost two people like that."

Rockwood fire fighter Jimmy Pelfrey says Deputy Jones was always there to help.

"He was probably about the best friend the fire department ever had down there."

Pelfrey says Brown was his childhood friend...

"I grew up with Mike and Mike never did anything wrong to nobody."