Blaze in THP Evidence Room

Knoxville (WVLT) - There were scary moments Monday afternoon at the THP headquarters on Kingston Pike.

A fire broke out near an evidence room in the basement.

Hazmat crews were brought in, because live ammunition and several meth-related items were stored there.

The good news, THP says no evidence was destroyed.

Captain Ray Fletcher says several factors could have contributed to the fire.

"We've experience some flooding in the last couple of weeks in this building, and we've had some had some work done and it may be an old fan that was left on," says Capt. Fletcher.

The Department of Safety says the communication system was down for less than a minute as it was moved to a mobile command center in the parking lot.

Through it all, THP says there was no lapse in service to you.

A firefighter was treated at the scene for a minor facial injury.