Water Bottle Explodes in Student's Hands

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Rutledge, Grainger County (WVLT) – What appeared to be a simple bottle of water explodes in the hands of a girl. The exploding bottle sent students into panic mode at an area high school.

Luckily no one was injured and the situation was under control quickly.

Investigators asking a lot of questions like how the bottle and its contents got into the school and why someone would put it there in the first place. The student holding the bottle when it exploded wants to know the answers to those same questions.

Rutledge High School sophomore Samantha Bullard had the bottle in her hands when it exploded; she spoke to WVLT about what happened.

"I was in my pre-cal class and we were asked to clean out the desks and the one next to us," says Samantha Bullard.

A seemingly harmless task, but not for Samantha Bullard.

"I was cleaning out the one next to me and there was a bottle stuck inside of the desk and I got it and I wasn't pulling that hard and it exploded all over. It was in pieces on the floor, says Bullard.

The school immediately went into a Code Red Lockdown. Then students were evacuated to the football field.

"We swept the building with local police dept, sheriff dept. With their cooperation and the school administration's, we checked all the lockers bathrooms, did everything we needed to do," says Terry Acuff, from Grainger County Schools.

Meanwhile Samantha scared and covered in an unknown substance washed off and changed clothes.

"I was just so worried it was all over me. I felt like I was deaf because it was so loud," Samantha says.

"We are under scrutiny every day to provide the safest environment possible and we try to do that," says Acuff.

As the investigation continues into how the bottle got there and what was in it, students, especially Samantha, are thankful this incident was just a hoax.

"It could have been really dangerous and I could have died from that. I am just really glad I didn't," says Samantha.

The Morristown detective unit along with Rutledge law enforcement agencies are still investigating. They don't know exactly what was in the bottle, but samples have been collected and sent to the lab to be evaluated.