Cleaning Up Junk Cars

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Sevierville, Sevier County (WVLT) - Junk cars are a problem in many counties across East Tennessee, but Sevier County is now giving extra cash in hopes it will give people extra incentive to clean up their yards.

One hundred dollars, that's home much the first 100 callers will get! A not for profit group says it's the best way to get you to clean up a real county eyesore and it's already working!

Driving into Sevier County can be an unsightly experience if you look around and see junk cars, especially for a county that greets many Americans.

"And you have junk cars out front. Yeah, we do see it quite a bit around here. It makes the area look bad, especially with the tourism and stuff," says Paris Green.

"It brings down the value and it really makes you not want to move to a neighborhood like that because that's something you have to look at everybody," says Ericka Hunton.

So the not for profit group Keep Sevier Beautiful is stepping in, offering $100 to the first 100 residents who want to get rid of their junk car.

"It costs about fifty dollars to tow your vehicle somewhere and then you have to pay to dispose of it but we're paying you to take your vehicle," says Allison Teeters, Executive Director of Keep Sevier Beautiful.

After identifying junk cars as a big problem, the goal for the group is for a more beautiful Sevier County. Since starting Monday, it's getting plenty of interest from residents.

"Well, I had to take the phone off the hook to get my messages. It's been a great response. I'm really excited," Teeters says.

But the group couldn't do it without some help. Sevier County has stepped in and is funding $10,000 to the project.

"We certainly was willing to participate in this program and gave them some additional funding," says Sevier County Mayor Larry Waters.

And partnering with a towing company and auto dealership for coupons is making it a doubly sweetheart deal for residents.

"In addition to a hundred dollars you're getting $250 toward a new or used vehicle at Volunteer Chevrolet and it's a win-win situation," Teeters says.

If you would like to see about having your junk car removed you can call Keep Sevier Beautiful at (865) 774-6677.

The county hopes to alleviate problems in the future.

Teeters says some zoning regulations were passed in September which will allow for more stringent rules on junk cars.