Corker Supporters in TV Ad Not From Chattanooga

Nashville (AP) - Some of the people in TV ads praising Republican Senate Candidate Bob Corker for the job he did as mayor of Chattanooga don't live in that city.

The Corker campaign confirmed Wednesday that not all those people live in Chattanooga or voted for Corker when he was elected Chattanooga mayor in 2001.

The most recent ad, which began airing Friday, praises corker for lowering the city's property taxes and crime rate. A similar ad, featuring the same people, ran before the republican primary in August.

The Corker Campaign, which paid for the ads, would not confirm the exact number of people in the commercial who are not from Chattanooga.

Patti Frierson of Lookout Mountain, a small but separate town near Chattanooga with its own mayor and town council, is quoted in one ad.

She said Wednesday night she was involved in Chattanooga's civic life during Corker's term in office, even though she didn't pay city property taxes.

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