Cops Find 90 Animals in Man's Home, Charge Animal Cruelty

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Lafollette, Campbell County (WVLT) - A man there is facing animal cruelty charges now after authorities seize more than 90 animals, including a wildcat and a kangaroo from his Lafollette home.

It's a case of animal neglect and cruelty, only because Jerome Love had too many animals to take care of.

Authorities say Love loved animals. In fact, look at all the species he was trying to take care of. There are about 90 total, amongst those are dozens of dogs, including a litter of basset hound puppies, a wild cat, a baby kangaroo, 4 parrots, parakeets, two cockatiel, 6 peacocks and several hamsters.

Animal control officers rescued the animals from 2 of Love's houses Thursday afternoon.

Love was arrested Thursday morning and faces 90 animal cruelty charges.

When authorities went back to his house to pick up the animals, Love had already made bail.

Instead of being angry, Love helped officers load the animals into the truck.

Animal control officers say this shows how much Love cared for them.

"He loved the animals. He likes taking care of animals but he became overwhelmed with animals. Some of his animals were sick, needed to be taken to the vet, but like I said, initially, he had too many animals," says Animal Control Officer Stan Foust.

All 90 animals will remain here at the shelter until love's court date, that's set for October 13th.

We'll have much more on this case coming up tonight at 11.