Wild Cat, Kangaroo, and Others Seized from LaFollette Home

(WVLT) Lafollette, Campbell County - A man is facing animal cruelty charges after authorities seized nearly a hundred animals from his home. Officers say they found dozens of dogs, a wild cat, a kangaroo, and dozens of other animals at Jerome Love's two homes Thursday. Police arrested Love. They say after he made bail, Love went back to the home to help officers load the animals on the truck.

"I believe he wants to see the best for the animals, but Mr. Love feels the best for these animals are with him, so that's the problem. He thinks they're better off with him than in a shelter somewhere," said Officer Pam Lycos with the LaFollette Police Department.

Man of the animals are sick and are being treated. They will remain in the shelters until Love's court day which is on October 13th.