NJ Teen Gets Six Years For School Threat

Camden, N.J. (AP) -- A youngster described as the mastermind of a failed plot to shoot people at his New Jersey school is being sentenced to six years behind bars.

Edwin DeLeon is one of four teenagers to plead guilty in a scheme to shoot students and teachers last April at their South Jersey High School. Investigators say the group later planned to shoot others in their suburban Philadelphia community.

DeLeon, who's 15, told the judge he regrets thinking of the idea and that he "didn't mean for it to get out of hand." But the judge scolded the teen, telling him there are "a lot of people who are very lucky" he never got hold of any weapons.

The judge also told Deleon the threats he made are even more serious after the recent school shootings in Pennsylvania's Amish country, plus Colorado and Wisconsin.

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