ONLY ON WVLT: Doctor Speaks Out on Creatine Dangers

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - There are still no new answers, about what Campbell County High School Head Football Coach Duane Wells knew about supplements seized from the school field house.

We first told you about the problem on Friday.

Players' parents received a letter notifying them that nutritional supplements, one of which was creatine, were found in the locker room.

Some supplements weren't meant for anybody under 18.

What's unclear still is whether parents knew their children were taking them.

Coach Wells isn't talking and Campbell County Superintendent Judy Blevins didn't return our calls.

But Kim Bedford caught up with a Campbell County doctor who has fought the battle against creatine before.

His name's Doctor John Burrell. About a decade ago he was successful in getting creatine removed from Anderson County Schools and he says Campbell County school administrators did talk to him about creatine.

"I had a call from one of the school administrators asking me my opinion on creatine and some of the dietary supplements that were being used by the athletes," Doctor John Burrell says that call from the Campbell County School administrator came to him about two months ago. "I merely expressed my opinion that the supplements, I feel, are unsafe to use in kids that are still in growing stages."

Dr. Burrell says that certainly includes growing children on Campbell County High School's football team. "The real danger, particularly with hot weather and dehydration is kidney damage."

Campbell County's Superintendent says parents of high school football players were sent a letter last week about the muscle and stamina builders found in the field house locker room, not recommended for those under the age of 18.

"We're not sure what all are contained in the supplements, and unless they're prescribed by a healthcare provider, I would highly not recommend them," Doctor Burrell says parents of the players need to have their children checked out as soon as possible. "I'd make sure what they're taking. I'd take it to some health care provider and have it analyzed and see what's in it."

And Doctor Burrell has a message for all coaches letting their young players use supplements, "This is not worth taking a chance on a kid's health just to build muscle to make them a little bit stronger."

We also talked to some Campbell County High School parents who recently found out their children were using muscle and stamina builders on the football team, they say they're upset that they were not notified about it until one parent went to the school board.