Students, Parents Speak Out About Knox County School Rezoning

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Many Knox County moms and dads are waiting for some answers on whether their children will soon be rezoned to the new Hardin Valley High School. The problem is many parents we spoke with at Monday night's public rezoning meeting don't want their children to be moved to the new school until parents see just what their children are being offered.

It's a floor for parents to voice their concerns.

"In 5 years, I could have three kids graduating from three different high schools while living in the same house. That is absurd!" one parent said.

And families crowding this Bearden High School auditorium put their issues on the table.

"I could have 2 different children at 2 different high schools that's a hardship on parents," parent Sarah Dew said.

Where the rezoning lines fall will effect parents like Joe and Sarah Dew
two times over.

"Our children are involved in alot of activities, so for parents who love to be at children's activities, we would have to split the family and it's not appealing," Dew said.

Another hot topic is extra curricular actives and advanced placement courses. Will the new school offer the same opportunities?

"It's so important to have football teams baseball teams soccer teams band all the activities that are fun for these kids. For that possibility to not be there is disconcerting," Joe Dew said.

"My main thing is education. I want him to get the same education that the kids at Karns, Bearden and Farragut get. That's my concern going to a new school," parent Karen Simmons said.

"Most children don't do good on changes. I'd rather them stay where they are," parent Kim Eads said.

"There's a lot of doubt and mistrust," school board chair Karen Carson said.

School board chairman Karen Carson says she can empathize with parents, but wants them to know their voices are being heard...

"We will never make everyone happy," Carson said. "We know athletics are important to some kids, academics are important, we know. We need to make Hardin Valley High kids can't wait four years to have an equally experience. They need it from day one."

If you missed Monday's meeting, there will be one more at Karns High school October 12th at 6:00 p.m. By the way, the proposed rezoning plan will be announced on December 4th.