ONLY ON WVLT: Tape Shows Coach Knew About Creatine Use

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - The Creatine-nitro solution that one Campbell County football player was taking is called Nos-Blast Professional Formula. His parents say he was taking it with Coach Duane Wells' knowledge.

That player's mother, Melissa Fleming, sat down with Coach Wells, Director of Schools Dr. Judy Blevins, and the school board chair to get some answers on Tuesday.

Fleming videotaped the meeting, and in it, proof that Coach Wells knew what the boys were taking and proof that Dr. Blevins may not have been telling the truth when she talked to us last week.

"I just found out about it through a dinner conversation I was having with another employee at the high school and it had been mentioned, wondering why parents hadn't come to pick up the supplements," Fleming says.

From there Melissa Fleming says her 17 year old son confessed he had been using creatine supplements for about a year under the coach's watch. She went immediately went to the high school last Monday and had a sit-down conversation with Superintendent Judy Blevins and Coach Duane Wells about the supplement use.

On the tape, Coach Wells says, "Concerning the nitro-tech, cell-tech, the supplements that they use for weight training, We've been doing that for, pretty much since I've been here."
Wells signed on six years ago and continues, "Most of it was a powder mix that they use. It's a fruit punch flavor, vanilla flavor, different stuff."

But why should the players have any interest these powder mixes?

"It's all about muscle growth, as far as putting size on the kids," he says.

Fleming wanted to know what role Wells played in the supplement use throughout the locker room.

"I wouldn't say I promoted it. If they asked me would it help me get bigger, the answer was probably yes," Wells says.

Dr. Blevins spoke with us about the supplements Friday of last week, three days after the taped meeting. She told us, "As far as I know, none of these products were brought by the coach, supplied by the coach, or any of the coaching staff."

But in last Tuesday's taped meeting, with Dr Blevins present, Coach Wells contradicts what Blevins told us. "I bought it for them, yes." On the tape, Wells admits he bought $4,000 worth of training supplements for his players from GNC in 2004.

He goes on to say, "She said if I bought so much I could get a discount. I was just trying to save the kids money."

Fleming asks Blevins, "Is it Illegal?" To which Dr. Blevins responds, "Yes."

Fleming's biggest question is why weren't parents notified right away when the principal discovered the products in the field house in August?

Wells says, "I said, I'll be glad to talk to your parents about it if they have real concerns. I did tell them I could get in trouble for allowing this to go on."

Fleming continues, "It seems to me like they're trying to cover things up. I had complete trust in our school system. I no longer have that trust with them."

LeEllen Green, another concerned parent says, "I guess whatever they fund out, proper procedure will be handled. I hope."

Fleming says her son has been in and out of the hospital for two weeks and could be suffering serious kidney damage from the supplements.

She is waiting on lab results from her doctor.

Green tells WVLT her daughter was suspended from the high school for two weeks last year for having Midol in her purse at school.

Phone calls to Dr. Blevins were not returned.

Some parents say if they need to, they'll take the school system to court.