Severe Storm Damage in Morgan County

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Mossy Grove, Morgan County (WVLT) - A Morgan County community battered nearly four years ago by a deadly tornado braced for the worst Wednesday night when severe weather hit.

The Mossy Grove community suffered property damage caused by high speed straight line winds. The good news is no injuires.

Some folks who live here in the Mossy Grove community are still without electricity Wednesday night. Crews have worked hours to restore power following the severe thunderstorm. The emergency management director tells us one barn is reported missing and three families' homes are damaged from fallen trees.

Benjie and Melanie Blakney survey the severe storm damage that demolished their home's roof, their upstairs and garage.

"It sounded like it exploded. It was just a huge mass of sound," Melanie Blakney said.

High speed straight line winds uprooted three massive oak trees planted in their side yard. Two crashed through the Blakney's Mossy Grove roof here along Highway 27 at Garrett Subdivision Road. Pictures don't do justice to the destruction, but you can see fallen tree branches reaching high above this ten foot tall basketball goal.

"The rain was blowing so hard that you couldn't see. It looked like sheets of snow coming down," Blakney said.

Tarps now cover property damage caused by the fast moving storm, which hit at about 4:30 in the afternoon.

"It came into the Mossy Grove community, traveled down Petit Lane area and back out through Joyner community, very similar to our tornado in 2002," Morgan County EMA director Jody Zorsch said.

Seven people lost their lives in Mossy Grove's tornado four years ago in November 2002. This time, no one is hurt. Many ran for cover after learning of the approaching weather.

"We hardly got in the hallway, and we heard a kaboom, and a tree was in our house," Blakney said.

The EMA director says no one is requesting shelter.
Families with house damage are staying with family or friends.
A traffic note - highway 62 is now completely reopened in Morgan County, and Petit Lane is expected to reopen before midnight Wednesday night.