Alexander Announces New Air Quality Rule

Knoxville (WVLT) - A new rule by the Environmental Protection Agency, set to go in place on Sunday, is being coined the most important thing that's happened to fuel for vehicles since lead came out of gasoline.

And it should help our air to get cleaner.

Senator Lamar Alexander, along with a representative of the National Parks Conservation Association, announced Thursday, this new EPA rule will virtually eliminate sulfur in diesel fuel by making all trucks use a diesel fuel without sulfur, meaning for the first time, fuel distributors, terminals, and retail outlets will carry diesel that has a 97 percent reduction of sulfur than the current level.

The end result, cleaner air.

"Knoxville, Great Smokey Mountains and this entire region are more likely to benefit from this than any other area of the country," says Senator Lamar Alexander, Energy Subcommittee Chairman

Senator Alexander adds that in 2007, this rule will also require all new trucks to put on pollution control equipment, that will take out particulate matter in the air, which is what creates haze and harms our health.