Final Chance to Discuss New School Redistricting

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Karns, Knox County (WVLT) - It's the third and final time for parents and students in West Knoxville and West Knox County to voice their concern on the new West Knox County high school.

We've covered meetings in Farragut and Bearden.

Now the Karns community gets their chance.

This is the third meeting regarding zoning for the new West Knox County high school; parents are making their way inside.

Take a look at the maps below, they show the three current school zones, for Bearden, which is pink, Farragut, which is white and Karns, which is blue, these three zones will be broken into four to include Hardin Valley.

Parents are here tonight to ask questions about the new zone. There are several things officials are considering, including schools that have already been rezoned, two or three times in the past few years, may stay the same and the possibility that siblings can stay at the same school.

Officials also hope to have 1800 kids at each school, to give each a chance to grow, something parents would like to see.

"I would like to see students that are not so overcrowded in the school and the teachers not being so overwhelmed with so many students," says parent Shirley Caldwell.