Early Voting Begins Wednesday Oct. 18th

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Knoxville (WVLT) - That race for us senate is certainly one of the big ones on the ballot this year.

And it's time to start deciding who you'll vote for, early voting starts Wednesday.

It's all about 'convenience and simplicity'.

Early voting allows voters to head to the polls when they want and where they want.

You don't have to go to a certain precinct; you can go to any of the sites available.

And it's that convenience that's making early voting so popular.

In fact, in Knox County, August marked the first time in a local election where the majority voted early, 54 percent.

Election commissioners expect to see that trend continue.

"It's convenience for the voter. It's easier, it's less confusing. If you've changed your name or changes your address or don't know where to go vote on election day, then early voting makes a lot of sense," says Greg MacKay, Knox County Administrator of Elections.

Less confusion is good, especially since the new voting machines are fairly new for most voters here in East Tennessee.

Early voting starts tomorrow and runs through November second.

Contact your local election commission for times and places.

In Knox County, there are changes, including two extra polling places during the last three days of early voting.

Also, instead of voting at Knoxville Center Mall, you can head to East Town Crossing.

There are also ten questions on the ballot for voters in Knox County. Election commissioners urge you to take a look at the ballot before you come to vote.

And, of course, don't forget your voter registration card when you head to the polls.

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