Deputy Shoots Man in Scuffle; Body Found in Nearby Home

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Knoxville (WVLT) – Forty-three-year-old Doug Ray Brogdon is being treated at UT Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the neck. Deputies say they believe he'll survive, but when he gets out, he'll face an aggravated assault charge.

24-year veteran Sheriff's Deputy Benita Thompson shot Brogdon, she was treated and released after a fight with him.

And there's another matter complicating the case, a body found a few houses down from where the fight took place.

Brogdon's family tells WVLT that he wouldn't hurt anybody, but deputies tell us, he caused a disturbance just a few days ago and was not about to go easy after being caught again Wednesday morning.

"The first thing that you thought was, 'No not here, nothing like this happens here," says Sharon Tolbert, who lives near the scene.

It all began on Hyatt Road with a disturbance call, the suspect, Knox County deputies say 43-year-old, Doug Ray Brogdon went through this neighborhood knocking on doors.

"Our officer got here, walked up to the porch of the house, recognized him as an individual they'd arrested two nights earlier on violation of probation warrant," Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison says.

Brogdon had been released on supervised probation. When Officer Benita Thompson attempted to arrest Brogdon, he resisted, began fighting her and threatened to kill her.

"They were struggling for the gun and she shot him one time. It appeared to be in the neck. At this point, we don't believe it's going to be life threatening," the Sheriff says.

Brogdon's family can't believe it.

"He's not a perfect citizen by all means," says Tony Brogdon, Doug Brogdon's brother. "But he's a gentle person and he's never hurt anyone no matter what."

Meanwhile, just down the road, sheriff's deputies respond to another call at 5716 Hyatt Road.

"I walked down to the bottom of the hill and I asked if I could go in to talk to, I call her Miss Carroll, I asked if it would be okay and they said, 'Well, no we have... we... the Chaplin needs to come' and that's when I was pretty sure that something pretty bad had happened at that point," Tolbert says.

43-year-old, Leslie Scott Moore was dead, believed to have been a victim of a drug overdose.

Authorities say they've been to his home at least 16 times in the past two years and Moore has a long history of drug and alcohol charges.

"We believe Brogdon was at that residence when he left and started walking around the neighborhood and knocking on the doors," Hutchison says.

Brogdon's family says he was probably trying to find help.

"I'm sure if he thought somebody was dying or hurt real bad, and he was trying to get him help," says Tony Brogdon.

Brogdon remains at UT Medical Center, but again, once he's released he'll face aggravated assault charges.

Leslie Scott Moore's rap sheet shows a long list of drug and alcohol charges dating back to 1982.

Sheriff Tim Hutchison says his department has been to Moore's home more than 16 times in the past two years.

Deputies believe 43-year-old Doug Brogdon was at Moore's house doing drugs, then began knocking on neighbor's doors.

Neighbors say they can't believe this has happened in their otherwise quiet neighborhood and hope to be able to explain what happened to their children.

"I just want to explain to them, when they don't see Scott, because Scott likes to rev up his car, I just want to assure them that Scott's went to a better place and that Carol's okay and that the safe haven is still the same," Tolbert says.

We checked Brogdon's record, no priors for drugs or alcohol, just a few theft convictions.

And his family tells WVLT he'd never hurt anyone, in fact he was probably just knocking on doors to get help for Moore. However, Brogdon had been arrested a few days ago, on a parole violation, after being caught by Deputy Thompson, knocking on doors.