ONLY ON WVLT: Police Identify Decapitated Body as Nashville Homeless Man

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Clinton, Anderson County (WVLT) - We have new clues in a bizarre, and gruesome, murder case that spans at least two East Tennessee counties and now reaches all the way to Middle Tennessee.

We've learned that investigators have finally identified the person whose head and body were found in two separate locations of East Tennessee.

The good news is that police have an identification on who the body parts belong to, the bad news, whoever did this heinous crime is still out there somewhere.

Volunteer TV has been able to confirm that the head and body belong to Jarvis Maxey.

The TBI says Maxey last lived in a Nashville homeless shelter.

Not much else is known about him, including any connections to East Tennessee, or where he was killed.

If you'll remember, last December 22nd, a hunter found the head on the banks of the Clinch behind the Clinton Industrial Park.

At that time they could only speculate that it belonged to a white man that was 30-50 years old.

Then in early January, a headless body was found in a remote area of Scott County.

It took awhile, but in June, investigators told us the head and body were both from the same person.

Now the search is on for a killer, or killers. Neighbors to the industrial park say they think its going to be a tough crime to solve.

"Industrial park is a good place to put them because you know most people are driving. Very few people are walking around in that area and you can drive in and drive out of here without anybody being suspicious because a lot of people come in and out of here," says Wade Johnson, who lives near the industrial park.

The TBI tells WVLT it's just a tough case. They've found Maxey's sister; she lives out of state and hasn't talked to her brother in years.

And they can't find any people who know him well.

This is one case that may take a big break to solve.

We will continue to follow this story, and we'll update you as new details are released.