Game Day Towing

Saturdays' big game brought more than a hundred thousand fans to the University of Tennessee and took away hundreds of vehicles on campus.

WVLT's Kim Bedford rode along with Floyd's Wrecker Service to see first hand, just what goes down on game day.

"You still have the vehicle in place 1102? Ok, I'm gonna have a driver over there. He'll be there in about ten minutes."

Call after call, car after car. Floyd's Wrecker Service is responding to illegally parked vehicles on campus all day.

"'Bama Day today...probably one of the busiest we've had."

Towman Garey McMahan is expecting a long day and night...

"We run KPD, Knox County, and the THP, so we just have to be everywhere."

And they often come across some not-so-happy customers who illegally parked.

"People think we're stealing, you know, that's their first thought, but it's my job. I've got to do it."

Micah Stair is getting his pickup truck back from Floyd's today $90 later.

"It sucks. It's like burning money, so I was pretty upset, but what can you do."

"If they'd only learn to park where they're supposed to, they wouldn't be towed, but they don't see it that way," said McMahan.

McMahan says some fans will park anywhere to get to the game...

"People still take it upon themselves to park in other people's spots. Spots that we're contracted to remove the vehicles."

And some people never learn...

"They're gonna keep doing it, been doing it as long as I've been with Mr. Floyd and they're gonna continue."