Ford and Corker Plead Their Case At The UT Game

A game in doubt, until the final seconds, sounds a whole lot like Tennessee's top of the ticket political race.

On a day when half of East Tennessee seems to be in one place, it was a great place for U.S. Senate Candidates Bob Corker and Harold Ford Junior to make their case.

"People want to say something nice to you, you shake their hands and ask for their vote, if they say something mean to you, you still shake their hands and ask for their vote," said Ford.

Nice trumps mean at Neyland Stadium this afternoon. Maybe because unlike Memphis Friday, Corker and Ford weren't in the same place at the same time. Yesterday, Harold Ford Junior showed up at a news conference hosted by Bob Corker and challenged him to a debate.

"That, alone, showed voters acorss the state of Tennessee
the lack of maturity that he has," said Corker.

Today, Harold Ford Junior defended his decision to challenge Corker.

"He was in my hometown, and he just said so many terrible things about me and my family."

The Candidates also talked about Iraq, healthcare, immigration, and energy.

"Everything from being energy independent, to creating affordable health care," said Ford.

So four days into early voting, 17 days from decision what they hope Vol fans take away...

"I'm a product of Tennessee, I've been shaped by Tennesse values, and I think voters want someone who thinks like they do," said Corker.

"If you want change, there's only one candidate who will bring that in Washington," said Ford.