Cold Weather Causes Big Crowd At KARM

The temperature could get near freezing Sunday night, which makes it dangerous if your home is the street.

The shelter for Knox Area Rescue Ministries hosted so many people last night it had to put some in the Chapel.

The head count is expected to be 10 percent higher tonight.

KARM's president says his shelter will never turn away anybody who needs a warm place to stay.

"We've got an A plan and a B plan and we kinda prepare for this during the winter months and so we've got plenty of extra matresses and roll away beds," said KARM President Burt Rosen.

Rosen says the summer heat put a dent in the budget for fall and winter. He says he has a feeling this winter will be a tough one. You can donate to KARM by calling 865-673-6540 or go to