Keeping Your Child Safe From Predators on Halloween

Before you know it, your children will be out trick or treating and there's a chance sexual predators could be out among them.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us there are some things parents need to remember before their children go out.

Sexual predators on Halloween is a scary thought for many parents, especially with your children dressed up in the dark and sometimes in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

There is a way to identify the exact address of a sex offender where your family will be trick or treating.

Just log onto TBI's website, click on the sex offender registry link on the left, type in your zip code or the zipe code where your children will be trick or treating, and in a matter of seconds, you'll see the exact address of any offenders in the neighborhood.

It's an idea that Knoxville Police highly recommend for parents before they send their children out to trick or treat.

"There's the risk, obviously, if they're going door to door of folks that might have deviant intentions or those types of things," said Sgt. Phil Major.

KPD says you can never be too safe, especially at night, when kids are in costumes.

"It's good information for anybody to know. If they know a specific address where a sex offender might be living, that is good," said Major.

"I have two daughters, one's six and one eleven."

Lisa Boozer says she's planning on taking her daughters out this Halloween.

"I'll probably just go around our neighborhood, just a little bit, and we'll go to some houses where we don't know people, but if it's our neighborhood, that's fine."

Boozer says she's already gone online and checked her neighborhood for sex offenders.

"I think that's a great idea. When we moved here, we got on some kind of website to look and see who was around."

Leslie Cross says she's very cautious about taking her two and three year old trick or treating.

"You definitely want to know if there's someone living next to you that could possibly harm your kids."

If you want to check the registry go to