Dog Found Alive, Returned to Family

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For several weeks now we've been following the story of two brothers in Campbell County who were arrested and charged with animal cruelty for allegedly having dozens of animals in their care.

One of those animals has been re-united with it's original owner after they saw their dog on Volunteer TV News last week.

Stacy McCloud has more on the happy reunion with some rather unusual circumstances.

"I saw it on the news and my heart sank," dog owner Candi Smith said.

Candi Smith's thoughts turned to her dog, Rocky, a dog she says her family had been told was dead.

"We spoke to Jerome Love, and he told us that our pet had died," Smith said. "We asked why he didn't call and he said he couldn't do that because he knew how much we loved him."

The Love brothers had Rocky for what the Smiths say was suppose to be a couple of weeks.

"He said he had a girl dog and was a breeder and wanted to breed our animals together," Smith said.

After some reference checks, which the Smiths say all came back fine, they trusted the Loves to breed their animals and give Rocky back.

"He seemed very intelligent of the min pin breed," Smith said.

After what the Smiths call lies and deception, a phone call to the shelter, micro-chip confirmation, and many tears, two long months have passed.

"Heartworm check was negative, he was neutered, he is good to go," Smith said.

A little skinny and a quite a bit scared, Rocky is going home.

"It breaks my heart, absolutely breaks my heart," Smith said.

The Love brothers did sign over some of the sickest animals to a rescue group. As for the other 54 still at the shelter, they say unless the Loves sign them over to be adopted, they won't be available until the entire court process is over, which could take several more weeks"

Shelter employees say they the Loves have told them if they are given the animals back, they will have each of them euthanized. Even more reason Smith is thankful Rocky back in her arms.

The shelter says they have five other dogs the loves had that have been microchipped, but say their owners never registered them, so there is no name or number they can use to contact them. The brothers are expected back in court October 31st