Security Measures At Knoxville Bars And Clubs

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An Alcoa man is out of jail on bond tonight after a gun, police say he took into a nightclub, discharged.
25 year old Robert Wilder faces a felony county of reckless endangerment, four gun charges, and a public intoxication charge after the incident early this morning at Red Iguana in the Old City.
Volunteer TV's Allison hunt has has more on the incident and what type of security you should expect to be provided in downtown bars.
Defense attorney Greg Isaacs says that bars and restaurants have a responsibility to do what is reasonable to protect the customer.
Although in some cases it is difficult to know what will happen, he says the burden is on the business.
Isaacs says, "know your crowd, know your area, is it dimly lit, is it a high crime area do you need lights do you need security."
Isaacs says a bar or restaurant can provide security based on what they believe their risk is.
"If this place is attracting a climate or a crowd that places people in danger then I think your duty changes."
Knoxvile Police Spokesperson Darrell DeBusk says, "we have responded to calls down there before on incidents involving fights and disorderly conduct and things of that nature."
In fact, since January 1st of this year the Knoxville Police Department has responded to the Red Iguana 151 times. 27 of the incidents have been fights, and last night was one of them.
Nikki Perez, who was at the club at the time the gun went off says, "the police came and the police just ran in there and everybody just started going different ways it was really crazy."
Perez said instantly everyone, including bar security, responded to it.
"When they heard the gun shot everyone followed the gun shot for some reason, no one ran out this way, everyone ran out the back to see what was going on."
Perez says she ran toward the front door and "we just took off running because you don't know who could, anybody could have got shot in there so we just took off running."
Police say the gun shot started fights in and outside of the bar.
Five people, four men and a woman were arrested in connection with these fights, they are now facing disorderly conduct charges.
Police says Wilder is charged with reckless endangerment and several weapons charges.
He has no prior charges.
The owner and the manager of the Red Iguana says they do use wands to check people coming into the bar.