Knoxville Search Crew Finds Missing Hunter Dead

(WVLT) - The search crew from Knoxville found the body of a missing hunter in Whitley County, Kentucky. 43 year-old Norman Harp became separated from his hunting party in the Daniel Boone National Forest Saturday morning. Crews decided to look one more time in the woods near the command post Thursday night.

"We were just hoping that we'd get to him before his happened," said Steve Schwartz, Emergency Management Director. It was less than 100 yards away from the command post that they found his body.

Jerry York of Knoxville, who arrived Wednesday to assist in in the search was on of the first to spot Harp's body. "About 30 minutes after we were in there, that's when we spotted him, laying down over a bank back there," he said.

An autopsy will reveal how long he was in that spot so close to rescue teams. Search crews say they have had too many signs all week that Harp was alive to think he was in that spot for very long. "He was probably moving, right up until the last, I'm guessing, 24 hours," said Steve Schwartz.

Rescue crews say they said one last prayer before carrying Harp's body out of the woods. Harp's family says at least now the waiting is over and now they can begin to grieve. Jessie Peters, Harp's cousin, said "he will leave when we do, and we do have him, and that's a plus."