Former Knox Co. Employee Gets Plea Deal

Prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was more than one-and-a-half times the legal limit.

But a former police officer, sheriff's deputy and chauffeur for Knox County's mayor is getting a year-and-a-half probation, in a plea deal that spares him a trial for drunk driving.

Jay Alan Witt was in a county-owned vehicle when he got into a wreck on Tazewell Pike early Thanksgiving morning in 2005.

Investigators say his blood alcohol level measured at point 1-4.

Tennessee's limit is point zero eight.

Witt was charged with driving under the influence and criminal possession of a handgun.

Friday morning, he pleaded no contest to reduced charges of reckless driving and unlawful possession.

Neither the prosecution nor the defense will say what that other evidence is.

Besides probation, Witt has reimbursed Knox County more than four thousand dollars for damage to the car.

And he has to do 48 hours community service.

If he meets all terms, the court will clear his record.