Coal Creek Health Days

It's only the second time in fie years rain has forced a little change for Coal Creek health days.

Carol Moore, with the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation says, "We brought the critters on the inside this year, so they are looking at them in an aquariums."

Each child, who dared got a hands on lesson about the predators of Coal Creek.

The difference between the critters they can touch and the ones they can't...Kindergartner Hannah Sellers says, "It's got claws that will pinch ya."

Kindergartner Dalton Hall say, "They have different scales and different fins and different tales. He can do this out of the water."

Since the event is all about the environment, Moore says, "We're teaching the children about the health of the creek and how that correlates with their own health."

Being outside is rather important.

So, this group toughed it out, getting drenched, so they could learn everything there is to know about why beavers have set up shop next to their school.

Moore says, "We found a beaver dam today and taught them about the beaver family."

Kindergartner Hannah Sellers says, "He told us a story about a beaver and showed us how and other creature can get the babies and eat them."

At the next station, the children tie their very own "fly" .... then learn how to cast it out into the water.

Easy ways to get their attention so they'll focus on the big picture, for a long time.

Coal Creek volunteer John Thurman says, "There are a lot of animals that live in these streams and it's important we protect and value them."

The children tell organizers that this is their favorite day of the entire year!

Over the weekend, organizers will also plant trees as part of bank stabilization project to assist in stabilizing the banks with vegetation.