Flooding Roads Around Knox County

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt joins tells us where the trouble spots are around town.

Some reports say we can expect up to 3 inches of rain by the time it stops.

But if the rain is heavy enough, 3 inches here on cross park drive sometimes adds up to 6 feet of water.

But now there's money in place to unclog the problem.

When it rains hard...On Cross Park Drive, it floods.

Manager of P and S Supply, Daniel Slaughter says, "When it rains like this, it floods real bad."

For four years, Slaughter has watched car after car get stuck during heavy storms. "Just see people drive through, get stuck, some can get through there, most of them can't and it's kind of a sight to see."

And drivers say when the road is completely submerged in water...It's a dangerous intersection.

Lisa Sharp drove through a flooded street and days, "There's a lot of water on the roads down there, it's a lot of ponding, it's kind of flooding down there in that intersection, you've gotta be careful when you go through, you'll hydroplane."

But Cross Park Drive isn't the only spot that floods...The problem is most of these roads are built in a valley.

City Engineer Brently Johnson says, "The drainage along side the road, the ditches, as they were piped, are smaller than the ditches and it backs up in the road."

Johnson says money is also plugging up efforts to fix the mess the rain makes...But this year, Cross Park Drive has made the top of the list...And there's a city funded project to prevent flooding in the future.

Johnson says, "We're just gonna have to place bigger pipes to get water out of there or there may even be some locations where we have to raise the road."

Johnson says this fiscal year 8 hundred thousand dollars will go toward design and permitting...Next year funding and building should take place and completed by 2008.

And Daniel Slaughter says anything will be better than what happens now. "I worry like when they're doing it, it will worsen it at first, but eventually it could only make it better."

The Public Service Department will get barricades up as soon as they know an area is flooded, but if you get there before it's blocked off...Don't try to drive your car through, it's too hard to tell how deep the water is.

If you do see flooding you are asked to call 3-1-1.

That number takes all complaints and can get the right people out to the area as soon as possible.