Make A Difference Day

Saturday is national make a difference day and hundreds of volunteers from churches across East Tennessee came together to make some much needed home repairs for residents who couldn't afford and weren't able to do it themselves.

Frederick McCanelley had a stroke about 15 years ago.

"See, I can't walk and I've got three wheelchairs and I haven't even used the new one yet."

He hasn't been able to walk for a year but the 76-year old will soon be putting his new wheels to the test...

"They're building me a new ramp. I have to go to the doctor quite often."

"It used to be, He'd have to go all the way up the grassy part of his backyard and it was very difficult, so this ramp is going to enable him to go right from the door to the alley where he's picked up," said Pete Cherepanov.

Pete Cherepanov is helping build this ramp for McCanelley with several other Fellowship Church members.

"We actually had to determine where all the posts were going to be set had to measure out how to square everything up."

"We're doing it because we can. The Lord's given us skills and abilities that we're able to use to help other people."

"As people of faith, we believe this is what God called us to do," said Chris ??

And the first thing McCanelley wants to do once his ramp is built?

"Getting out there in my new Cadilac, going down the street."

McCanelley says this ramp will get him out and give him hope to some day walk again.

"Been in the therapy and everything, and I'm still trying."