Stopping Retail Scammers

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, retailers and police are studying up on the scams hitting shopping centers this year.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel takes a look at the latest scams and how you can catch them before becoming a victim.

Cameras and security guards aren't enough for the latest scammers.

"Some of them are getting better at it, some we're still catching," said Lt. Mark Presley from KPD.

The latest scam is very technologically advanced -- thieves are actually copying barcodes on sale-priced items and attaching them to high-priced items... so when they check out, they literally get a steal at the register.

"It's ultimately the merchants that have to catch those things and then we follow-up with the prosecution with that," said Presley.

Gift cards are another target item... theives copy the card numbers in the store -- then when it's bought and activated, they purchase items online using that card.

"They're much more easliy duplicated so we have a problem with folks trying to commit forgeries and frauds like that."

The National Retailer Federation estimates 70-percent of gift cards sold on E-Bay are stolen or bought with a stolen credit card.

That prompted E-Bay to change it's policy... only allowing sellers to market one gift card a week -- with a value of less than 500-dollars."
And what about those theives who grab-and-go?

"Having extra employes here so it's not just one person trying to run the register and keeping an eye on all our stuff," said Jason Duby an employee at C.M. Gamers.

So to avoid possible scams.

"We have people who are experts about everything that we have."
We just take our time making sure we're giving the customer the attention required, making sure, of course, checking our bills."

And that's what police say you should do: be aware... and stay one step ahead of the game.

"Everytime technology improves to help store security, these folks are just as diligent at trying to improve their ways of taking things that don't belong to them."