Judge in Campbell County School Shooting Off Case

(WVLT) - The criminal court judge in the Campbell County school shooting case is now off the case. Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton entered a order of recusal and did not say why he is bowing out. Sexton's recusal comes after a petition began circulating in Campbell County that urged Chief Prosecutor Paul Phillips to reject any plea deal in the case. According to the state administrative office of the courts, retired Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood has agreed to take over for sexton.

15 year-old Kenneth Bartley, Junior is charged with killing Assistant Principal Ken Bruce and wounding Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce last November at Campbell County High School after they confronted him about a tip that he brought a gun to school. Bartley is due back court next Monday, November 6, for pre-trial motions and could possibly get a trial date.