New Poll Shows Corker Pulls Ahead Of Ford in Senate Race

Nashville (AP) -- A CNN poll released Tuesday shows US Senate Republican Nominee Bob Corker has a slight lead among likely voters over opponent Harold Ford Junior.

Corker is favored by 52 percent compared with 44 percent for Ford. The poll surveyed 541 likely voters.

That's outside the sampling margin error of four percentage points, which means the two are no longer neck-and-neck as other polls have shown in previous months.

The race could determine whether the Democratic Party takes control of the Senate.

Among 1,015 registered voters, the race remains neck and neck.

Corker is favored by 47 percent of registered voters and Ford is favored by 45 percent. The difference is within the three-point margin of error.

In the Tennessee governor's race, the poll shows Governor Phil Bredesen continues to hold a commanding lead over GOP candidate Jim Bryson.

Bredesen is favored by 59 percent of likely voters, compared with 37 percent for Bryson.

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