Martel Utility Warns Customers

Loudon, Loudon County (WVLT) - The Martel Utility District in Eastern Loudon County is warning customers of recent violations involving excess chemicals in the drinking water.

A notice is now going out letting the 1500 customers know that recent tests showed levels of haloacetic acid in the water just above normal.

The chemical is a byproduct of chlorination of the water which can cause cancer but officials say the overage should not be a concern.

"I live in the area and drink the water. I have a four year old son that I adore. He drinks the water. I mean, I'd gladly go in here right now and drink it. There is nothing at all wrong with our water," says Larry Butler, Distribution Manager.

Butler says they have since flushed out the system and are preparing to do another test in the near future.