Senate Candidates Make Final Campaign Push

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The final campaign push is underway by nominees hoping to win the U.S. senate seat being vacated by senate majority leader Bill Frist.

Wednesday begins the final seven days of campaigning by Bob Corker and Harold Ford, Junior.

Volunteer TV's Gary Loe has the latest.

The statewide campaigning blitzes by Republican nominee Bob Corker and Democratic nominee Harold Ford, Junior may just be gearing up. Both camps tell us they'll not let up as the countdown begins over the final week of campaigning.

"We'll be all across the state of Tennessee over the next 7 days, meeting as many voters as we can," Corker said.

"We're going to work right to the very end and seek every vote, try to touch every hand," Ford said.

Ford and Corker are enlisting presidential-level support as a final push to the finish line. First lady Laura Bush joined Corker Tuesday at a luncheon in Kingsport, then later at a rally in Middle Tennessee. Former president Bill Clinton will join Ford in Memphis Wednesday to help encourage voters to cast ballots, which is the main emphasis now for both nominees.

"We're going to do that every single day, touching upper, east, middle and west and east at least 3 of the 4 markets everyday between now and election day, cause we're not going to let up one bit," Ford said.

"The momentum is with us. The dash here over the next 7 days is just to get people to the polls," Corker said.

Ford and Corker will criss-cross paths throughout the state trying to win as many votes as possible. All their campaigning may have them both losing track of time.

"Wednesday morning, here we are, Tuesday morning, one week before, every day seems like Wednesday to me," Ford said.

"Over the next 8 days, I will do everything I can, 7 days, excuse me, I'm losing track, it's going by so fast," Corker said.

A CNN poll released Tuesday shows Bob Corker is now favored over Harold Ford, Junior 52-to-44 percent, among likely voters. Both candidates say they're watching the polls, but that the most important stats are the numbers of actual voters casting their ballots.