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Halls, Knox County (WVLT) - As the investigation unfolds, we are learning much more about Mr. Kocur and how beloved he was in the halls community.

Russell koru's smile and positive, encouraging attitude seem to be at the center of his Halls' family's memories as they talk about the man who helped protect their lively-hood each day.

Students at halls wore black ribbons today, mourning the loss of their security guard, their friend, and their comfort.

Officer Kocur was very well-know, well-respected, not just at the high school... But at the elementary and middle schools and throughout the community -- they took him in as part of their family, because his own is so far away, in Texas.

The 39-year-old security guard took his responsibility of protecting the kids very seriously, so much that he protected his own life daily by wearing a protective bullet-proof vest... But last night, he wasn't wearing it.

"He was the kind of guy, he loved the kids, teased with all of us here. And there was actually one day we were talking about... he stood and he said, 'That's why I always have this on.' So, I'm real stunned today because he always wore his vest," says Kocur's friend, Mary Knott.

Mary Knott and Officer Kocur became friends during his daily visit to the Weigel's before school.

She says he loved to talk about the kids from halls and we're finding out, they loved to talk about him.

Thursday night there will be a community wide memorial service for Kocur at the Beaver Dam Baptist Church near Halls High School.

It starts at seven o'clock.