The Halls Community Mourns a Security Guard Killed on Halloween

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As we're learning more about exactly what happened Tuesday night, we're also learning more about the man who lost his life protecting his community.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us with a look into the life of Russell Kocur.

Tuesday night, this parking lot was full of tragedy. Now, it's full of love.
Hundreds of high school and middle school students and members of the community are gathered here for a candlelight service.
They're honoring security officer Russell Kocur, a man they say gave his life for them.

"He was a big part of this community, and I'd say nine tenths of this community knows him, inside of school, outside of school, everybody knows him," athletic trainer Michelle Lindsay said.

And everybody loved him. Russell Kocur didn't have kids of his own, but students say he used to tell people he had a whole school full of family.

"He loved all these kids. My daughter was up last night, and then I told her, and she was up until 4:30 crying," parent Brenda Stansberry said.

Students are showing their love through this memorial set up as a tribute to Officer Kocur on the front gate of Halls High School.

"They respected him, they all loved him," Stansberry said.

Emotions filled the Halls community when they loved Kocur died doing what he loved: Protecting them. He was more than a security guard, he was a friend, a confidant, a smiling face on a gloomy day.

"Happy go lucky all the time. If you saw him without a smile, I'd give you a million dollars," Lindsay said.

Now black ribbons, messages and candles light the path along memory lane.

"He was at every football game, every basketball game, wrestling matches. On the side, we kind of became close friends," Lindsay said.

He has a lot of close friends. All of them joining hands, joining hearts for a candlelight services in Officer Russell Kocur's memory.

Students asked the media to stay in the distance as they mourn.
However, if Russell Kocur touched your life, you're invited to a memorial service at Beaver Dam Baptist Church Thursday night at 7:00.