Holiday Travel: Choices May Be Limited

Knoxville (WVLT) - If you haven't made your holiday plans, you may be in luck!

Thursday Afternoon, Northwest Airlines announced "Super Bargain Days" and other airlines are matching it.

The catch, you may not like the dates you have to travel.

Want to pick your dates? As Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud reports, it may be too late.

If you plan on packing up the family and hitting the road for the holidays, you better hope you're traveling by car or have booked your flight early, if not travel agents say you're going to pay for it.

"The further away the flight the more it's pretty much too late," says Chris Chasteen from World Travel Service.

Too late for a good deal that is. Right now the average flight out of Knoxville is running around $400 round trip, at the lowest and that's with a lot of restrictions.

"I think flexibility is the key word here as to where they fly out of and the dates they are going," says Chasteen.

If you want to travel the busy days, Wednesday before Thanksgiving or the Sunday after, travel agents say it will be tough, and the seats that are left are really going to cost you, in some cases double than if you travel on a different day.

But one thing that could help, driving a few hundred miles before you fly.

"What we are seeing too is that people are willing to drive to Nashville or Atlanta where there is a little more competition," says Chasteen.

Travel agents say the best bet for the holidays is actually forgoing the family get together at home and all getting away on a family vacation instead.

"Packages are really good and cruises are really good right now."

And while you're all together you may want to book for Christmas, agents say before you know it those prices will be way up there too.

Analysts say that even those who booked flights in advance still paid 15-percent more than last year.