Halls Community Remembers Slain Security Officer

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Security officer Russell Kocur's friends, fellow officers and the student body of Halls High School, who he often referred to as his children, packed a local church Thursday night to pay their respects to a man who many say is already missed.

The lines and cold night air outside of Beaver Dam Baptist Church didn't discourage hundreds of students from turning out to say goodbye to one of their friends.

"Kocur was a really great guy he would always cheer us up, always had a smile on his face, knew just what to say to make us feel better even when we we're having a horrible day," student Lesley Hall said.

For the students, Russel Kocur was more than just a man in uniform, he was the smile that greeted these teens everyday.

"He was truly a hero at Halls. He was always there as soon as you walked in, in the morning, big smile on his face always to greet you," student Chelsey McGee said.

"He was there just like a father figure to everybody. You could go to him for everything," student Danielle Myer said.

Inside the church, Kocur's brotherhood of officers stood by his flag draped casket while many students looked on to remember a man who they called an anchor in this Halls High School family.

"It was weird this morning walking over from the church to the school and not having him out there directing traffic," McGee said.

"Miss seeing him in the hallways everyday, seeing his face waling down hallway. Everywhere you were, he was there," student Curtis Shields said.

"He was truly a hero and will be greatly missed. We love him," McGee said.

Russell Kocur was 39.

Though Russell Kocur was not, a trained law officer, he will be awarded with officers honors. We're told after the memorial service there will be a processional before his body is flown home to his family in Texas.