Memorial Service Honors Slain Halls Security Guard

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Halls, Knox County (WVLT) - A memorial service to honor the life of a security guard shot to death this earlier this week, while on the job is underway at this hour.

Russell Kocur was killed Halloween night as he patrolled the parking lot of Halls High School.

Today, folks from all across East Tennessee are paying their respects.

Hundreds people came out for the memorial this morning to gather for the last time to remember a dear friend.

Students, teachers, staff, friends, community members and several law enforcement agencies came out.

Many dressed in black and wearing black ribbons.

Following a processional stretching all the way down Kingston Pike, Kocur received full officer honors, despite not being a trained law officer.

His brotherhood of officers say he deserved and is an officer in their hearts.

"The way he treated the kids at Halls and worked with us officers he is in the family so we're gonna treat him the right way," Knox County Sheriff's Department Sergeant Gabe Mullinax.

Following the procession, Kocur will go back home to Texas to be buried there where his family resides.