Deputies Find Sophisticated Marijuana Greenhouse

Lafollette, Campbell County (WVLT) - A tip helped sheriff's deputies uncover what they call a very sophisticated marijuana growing system in Lafollette Thursday night.

In the basement of a house on West Chestnut Street, Campbell County Sheriff's Deputies found 30 potted marijuana plants, each numbered with individual growing records.

A computer was also used to keep growth charts and hourly lighting schedules.

Deputies think the operation had been taking place for at least 4 months.

"They had some of the marijuana that was actually hanging to dry, they had timers set up, and special lights used to help the plants grow and even had a record kept as to the hourly amount of light that was being put on each plant to ensure maximum growth for each plant," says Campbell County Sheriff Gary Perkins.

Deputies are in the process of issuing warrants because no one was home when the search warrant was executed.