Two Fallen Soldiers Honored

Two East Tennessee communities are remembering 278th soldiers killed in Iraq.

Saturday the Lenoir City National Guard was dedicated in the name of Sergeant First Class Stephen C. Kennedy. The National Guard Armory in Jacksboro was dedicated to Seargent Barton Siler.

Kennedy was killed while trying to save another soldier's life.

"A friend, a consament NCO, a husband, a father and a great man."

35-year old Sergeant first Class Stephen C. Kennedy...

"A man who died doing what he believed in with all his heart."

April 4th, 2005...

"A couple of Iraqi soldiers were killed, were wounded and Sgt. Kennedy went to pull them out and that's when he was hit."

Specialist Byrl McCoy was with Kennedy during his last moments in Iraq.

"Steve never backed down that day. I live my life to the fullest now."

Thousands of soldiers are now living by Kennedy's moto...

"You'd ask him, hey Steve, how are you doing today? the dream, just living the dream."

And from now on, Lenoir City's National Guard Armory will be a constant reminder of Kennedy's sacrifice for our country...

"He died as he lived, heroically and unselfishly," said Major General Gus Hargett.

Kennedy's mother and father stand with pride, 19 months later...

"We've realized life has to go on and our closure, this is a big part of it today," said Jo Kennedy.

His father Bob Kennedy says:

"He had a job to do and he did his best to do it."

His father misses:
"Phone calls, talking to him, just being with him. He was always smiling, laughing."

Seargent Barton Siler was killed in a vehicular crash on May 25th 2005 near Tuz Iraq.

He'd been an eleven year veteran of the Tennessee National Guard.

He's survived by his wife and daughter.

"A sad day for a lot of them because it brings back the memories of Bart Siler and the good times they all had together while at the same tiem they feel good that we will remember him," said Hargett.

Siler was awarded with the Bronze Star, the Army Service Ribbon, two Army Reserve medals, the Tennessee National Guard Commendation Ribbon, and the Tennessee National Guard Service Ribbon.