The Senate Scrimmage Outside Neyland Stadium

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Knoxville (WVLT) - East Tennessee's hottest ticket Saturday is ground zero for the men who top their party's tickets come Tuesday.

"Free pork tenderloin to support Harold Ford Junior."

He's pledged to postpone pork until the federal budget balances.

But three days away from decision, facing a full house at Neyland, Ford's folks figure a fed fan could be a motivated voter.

"We need your vote too, you could pass for 21!"

"We're excited about the note that we're ending this campaign, it's positive…constructive," says Harold Ford Jr., Democratic candidate for US Senate.

With a reception you'd expect from a rock star, with plenty of hugging, and tugging.

"All the ads we will run between now and the end of the campaign will lay out positive issues," Ford says.

"Health care costs are a struggle every day, that we need change in Iraq and to stop the silly partisanship in Washington," says one Ford ad.

That rings true, this weekend.

But both party's spots are still taking harder shots.

"Integrity, Corker made millions for himself as Mayor," a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad says.

"Require Tennessee to recognize out-of-state same sex marriages, abortion pills for children," says a Republican Senatorial Campaign ad says.

"People have realized the nation is watching our state, and as they realize this is a choice between two individuals, this is not a referendum," Republican Candidate Bob Corker says.

But there is a crowd to be worked.

For the nominee, and the Senator he hopes to succeed.

"Big day, excitig day," says Senator Bill Frist, (R-TN).

"The momentum is with us, there's no question we just need people to vote," Corker says.

One recent poll gives mister corker an eight point, lead but with a margin of error of plus or minus four and a half percent.
"All of those polls ignore one reality, almost 850,00 people already have gone to the polls already and voted, the exit polling the concrete polling from that , we've won that 55 to 40 it appears," says Ford.

The elections commision record numbers early-voted at ut.

Both candidates have made student pushes.

But the only prediction:

"We are gonna win this game today," Ford says before the game.

So much for predictions.