Katrina Evacuees in East TN Still Need Help

Many of us opened our hearts and our wallets to our neighbors in Louisiana and Mississippi after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

More than a year later, some may need more than justa leg up.

"I just felt very compelled to bring them today. I can't go
home over the weekend, knowing my clients don't have food
to eat."

Janice Coles and Knox County's Community Action Committee are buying Sheila Clavo and her son far more than groceries.

"Trying to find a job. I have medical problems. I'm on a fixed income. It's very very hard," said Sheila Clavo.

East Tennessee looked like the answer, after Katrina forced her from New Orleans.

But a battle with depression has made it no easy walk.

"Sometimes, I feel like I might as well not even be here. But I struggle because I do have two sons, and I do have family, and these people love and care about me, that's probably the only reason why I'm here," said Clavo.

CAC's money has given her enough meats to last a month. Big portions instead of small portions to stretch them.

"The food stamps should be in the system for about four days," said Coles.

Easing Sheila's most immediate burden. Janice knows it's but a start.

"Disaster and catastrophe affects everybody in the world. And if you have love for anybody, you would do what you can to help these people," said Coles.

CAC's money for the emergency groceries came from the United Way.

For more information on the program, go to their website.