Parties Make Final Preparations for Election Day

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Knoxville (WVLT) - In less than 13 hours, the polls will open up and if you haven't already, you'll have one last chance to cast your vote.

And that means volunteers, both Democrat and Republican, are hitting the streets and the phones more than ever.

The big day is less than 24 hours away and volunteers at the Democratic headquarters and the Republican headquarters are campaigning harder than ever.

"We're getting down to crunch time and so we've got volunteers here that are making a lot of phone calls. We've got a lot of folks doing some door to door," says Brian Hornback, from the Tennessee Republican Party.

While the Republican Party volunteers are at it, the Democratic Party says they're doing the same thing.

"We've been very busy today. Things are looking good. We've got a lot of volunteers, a lot of people phone banking, a lot of people knocking on doors," says Tim Roberto from the Democratic Party.

And each party is using a good number of helpful volunteers to campaign.

"In Knox County, we're well into the hundreds," Roberto says.

"We've got hundreds of volunteers on the ground here today, here in Knox County and we'll have more tonight," Hornback says.

Whether it's handing out water bottles or setting up rides to the polls, both parties are trying to get their message out to those last-minute voters.

"Bob Corker's going to be a US Senator that's going to appeal to all folks, regardless of age or class," says Hornback.

"It's definitely a tight race. I'm confident that Harold Ford, Jr. will be the next Senator in Tennessee," Roberto counters.

But until Tennessee's new US Senator is announced Tuesday night, "there are workers here almost 24/7," Roberto says.

"We've got to continue doing our work through 8 tomorrow night," Hornback says.

And for those who choose not to vote?

"I would just tell them that for the next six years, they're going to be served by a US Senator that they didn't have a voice in," Hornback says.

Polls open at 8:00 a.m. Tuesday. If you need a ride to your polling location, you can call the Democratic Party at 584-5511 or the Republican Party can give you one at 693-8873.

Both parties can't seem to say it enough, it's very important to get out there and vote Tuesday.