Harold Ford Does Last Minute Campaigning

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Harold Ford, Junior is hitting the campaign trail at the last minute.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has a look at how Ford spent the day before the election.

Ford is staying the night in Knoxville, but he's literally cris-crossed the state. He began his day at 5:30 this morning in Chattanooga where he spoke to many of the city's workers. Then he headed here to Knoxville before moving on to Memphis. The day before the big day... and it's a busy one for Harold Ford Junior and his supporters.

"I feel a sense of support. I'm ready to go to the United States Senate and represent everyone," Ford said.

Ford began his day in his opponent's hometown, Chattanooga, meeting with sanitation workers and repairmen.

"All they could do was share stories about how poorly they were treated under Mr. Corker's leadership as Mayor," Ford said.

Ford spend time meeting folks on their way to work before heading to Knoxville where he spoke to folks eating lunch at Calhoun's.

"People across Tennessee are ready for change. There's an appetite and hunger for a better plan in Iraq. An appetite the hunger for lower health care costs. An appetite and hunger for a real energy freedom plan, an appetite and hunger for true, serious anti-illegal immigrant plan that punishes employers who break the law," Ford said.

When it comes to the negative campaign this race has produced.

"They're sick of the slim, they're sick of the sleaze that this campaign has offered from the other side," Ford said.

With less than 12 hours left, Ford isn't letting anyone go unnoticed and isn't letting anyone forget his roots.

"Tennessee is my home," Ford said. "We got a day and a half left and I'm ready to go be United States Senator," Ford said.

Ford is spending Monday night in Knoxville. In the morning, he will head to Blountville for a quick voting rally, then it's off to Nashville and Jackson where incidentally, his campaign kicked off -- and then he will end the evening in his hometown of Memphis.