Final Campaign Stops for Bob Corker

We're down to the final hours before election day. Two opponents in one of our most hotly contested races hit the campaign trail hard Monday.

We start with a look at the republican side of the U.S senate race.

Alan Williams joins us live from the campaign trail in Chattanooga.

On this eve of the election, covering Bob Corker, he's making the most of it, going to as many cities and towns as he can, including Knoxville.

Not many questions, but a lot of statements of support this morning at Knoxville's Krutch Park as Bob Corker barnstormed his way into town with Senators Bill Frist, Lamar Alexander and John McCain.

"I'm convinced Bob Corker is going to win because he's run a better campaign, he's been able to articulate the issues," McCain said.

These words were heard more than one time today, though Knoxville happened to be the first. Two hours later, Chattanoogans heard them.
In Knoxville, about Harold Ford.

"I enjoyed talking with him during the debates, and especially the Memphis airport," Corker said.

And Chattanooga.

"Next, especially the Memphis airport," Corker said.

But the bottom line, talk is about to end to the delight of these weary campaigners.

"It's tough right now, you're winding down. How do you keep going?" Alan asked.

"I got three and a half hours sleep, got into the Tri-Cities really late for an event, we headed to Nashville with John McCain. You get a cup of coffee, you're off and running again," Corker said.

Tuesday, Corker begins his day in the Tri-Cities, then back to Knoxville and on to in Chattanooga in the afternoon. We will be following him every step of the way.