Local Dems Prepare, Hope for Big Night

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Knoxville (WVLT) - East Tennessee Democrats will be gathering in Knoxville tonight at Rothchild's to watch the returns come in.

The races for governor and US Senate will be top on their minds.

But three local races, including one that's been hotly contested will be closely watched.

the democrats are playing a huge role in this election. In Knox County three contested races for state legislature could decide which party controls the house.

In the 18th District incumbent Stacey Campfield is taking on Democratic challenger Schree Pettigrew. This campaign has gotten messy through the mail, when Pettigrew took issue with Campfield's former roommate a convicted sex offender.

In the 13th District Democratic Harry Kindel is challenging J. Randall Parker.

In the race for the 15th District seat incumbent Democrat Joe Armstrong and Independent Pete Drew who isn't actively campaigning.

In a primarily Republican state this election is huge for the Democrats.

We'll have another live report coming up on FIRST at 4:00.